I’ve been making websites and other digital products for over a decade. I specialize in front-end web technologies, which means I spend most of my time writing code with languages like JavaScript. I particularly enjoy working at the intersection of design and code; in my experience they are usually two sides of the same coin.

I’m a strong proponent of human-centered design. When we set out to make a product, we are embracing an opportunity to make the user’s life better. That is an exciting job to have!

I've worked in a wide range of settings, including startups like Taptap Send and Quartz, and design agencies where I built things for companies like Time magazine, British Airways, BMW and Volkswagen.

If you’d like to contact me to discuss your next project, my email address is j@jshakespeare.com. You can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.

James Shakespeare

Credit: Erica Rallo


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