James Shakespeare

Is a web developer from London who lives in New York

I'm a product-focused, design-fluent web developer with six years of​ agency experience. I specialize in solving problems with technology. I offer a unique blend of coding, visual and UX design, systems thinking and information architecture.

You can find me on Github and LinkedIn, or you can email me.

James Shakespeare

Work— Personal

  • Create and listen to playlists in real-time with a friend over websockets

  • Location-based rendering of tonight's moon phase using CSS

  • Enforcing memory by repeat exposure

Work— Client

The following is a small selection of my client work. Additional examples of my work available upon request.

  • Front-end build-out for algorithmic roommate-finding site

  • Angular front-end build for Time Warner's 2014 redesign

  • Infinite scrolling news feed for Time.com's 2014 redesign

  • Landing page for dealership marketing emails promoting the 2013 Tiguan

  • Infinite scrolling news feed for Fortune's 2014 redesign

  • Hacker news for the art world