Landing page for dealership marketing emails promoting the 2013 Tiguan

Node.js, jQuery, Sass

Volkswagen needed an informational landing page to tie in with a grassroots marketing campaign to in the Seattle area called Think Tiguan. The twist was that the experience had to be tailor made for each customer. In order to do this, the landing page was comprised of different components based on what the customer prioritized in a car - safety, fun, performance or capacity. These priorities were determined by analyzing various factors such as demographic, previous purchase history and discussions with local VW dealers and canvassers.

Customers arriving at the page from a source other than a link in the personalized email (which used URL parameters to propagate the user’s information) were prompted to enter their details to receive a personalized experience based on their affiliation with a local VW dealership. If the user did not exist on a dealer’s database, they were shown a generic version of the landing page.

The page made use of animations and interactive components to educate the user about the features of the Tiguan that were most relevant to them.

In numbers

The campaign as a whole resulted in 14.7% higher sales figures amongst the Think Tiguan group than the control group, who received generic VW mail and digital advertisements.