Infinite scrolling news feed for Time.com's 2014 redesign

Backbone, Coffeescript, Grunt, Sass, Wordpress

Time Magazine is among the longest runnning and most prestigious news publications in the country, but in order to remain relevant in an online age it needed a website that could deliver content in a fast and effortless way. The aim was to build a website that would “do for the minute what Time has always done for the week”, that is to deliver high quality, time-relevant content in an readable and hierarchical way.

With a small team of developers I was responsible for building a responsive interface built on Backbone.js that connected to Time’s existing Wordpress-powered API. The new interface featured infinite scrolling, media-rich story formats and smartly-placed in-stream ads.

In numbers

Following launch of the redesign, Time saw a 15% decline in bounce rate, with the number of desktop viewers visiting multiple articles up 21%. In all, the website saw a 118% increase traffic in the 12 months following launch.

In the press

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