Front-end build-out for algorithmic roommate-finding site

Marionette, Sass, Gulp, Node.js with Express

RoomZoom is an algorithmic roommate matching web app designed to take the stress, financial risk, and guesswork out of finding a roommate. You could call it OkCupid for roommates.

RoomZoom briefed Big Human in 2015 with completely rebuilding their existing (but very elemental) site and tasking my team with creating a rich and responsive client-side web app with onboarding, user search, and messaging functionality.

As the lead front end developer on the project, I oversaw the work of two other developers and individually built the entire client-side Javascript application using Marionette.

The central problem we faced on Roomzoom was how to create a product that could collect enough information from users without turning them off by the number or density of questions during onboarding. Because who hasn’t quit an onboard because the process started to feel like doing your taxes?

The solution was to distill the onboarding process down to to a series of seamless and friendly full-screen ‘slides’ that would allow the user to easily see a summary of their answers and make changes before continuing on to the next step. The result was a user-focused web app that transformed a typically arduous process into an engaging, memorable and (most importantly) functional experience.

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